Signature Spa Initial & Initial Soap Gift Set

Signature Spa Initial & Initial Soap Gift Set

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This Signature Spa Initial & Initial Soap Set makes a lovely gift for that special someone any time of the year.
Our soaps are hand poured and hand carved in Vermont.

Refresh, rejuvenate, and spoil with only the finest personalized soaps. Our Signature Spa Collection is a gorgeous blend of today's most intriguing and sought after colors & fragrances all in one!  A complete sensory experience.
WILD BLUE LUPIN: This rare, romantic blue captures the essence of the beloved Wild Blue Lupin flower. A soft, enjoyable floral experience. Wild Blue Lupin is known to improve concentration & clarity. Discover why flowers reach for the sun and blossom.

GREEN TEA & BERGAMOT: In Spring Green, Green Tea is known to promote healing, Bergamot is stimulating & rejuvenating.

LAVENDER: Rejuvenate, relax & calm your soul with this heavenly scent. True lavender connoisseurs appreciate this timeless favorite. Time to rejuvenate is priceless & you are worthy.

VERBENA: Awakening, motivating, & harmonious fresh lemon scent in a bright snow white. Awaken your senses, relax your mind,uplift and soothe your soul. Each day is a fresh start - start something now.

SATSUMA: A soft, sensual pink infused with Satsuma is just exquisite. This light, zesty orange lifts your spirits & heals your soul. When you become!

AQUA MINERAL: Our original formula and an all-time favorite. This water-based fragrance (Just gentle & clean. The industry’s only... safe for sensitive skin & noses) is perfect for every recipient. Its antique white color is always in style.
Each Vermont made bar is a generous 5 ounces, vegetable based and triple-milled for long lasting lather. Our bars are individually & intricately carved.

Soap Description: 100% Vegetable Based, Triple-Milled for Luxurious Lather, Freshest Personalized Soap in the Marketplace, all presented in scent complimenting colors, with gentle yet intoxicating scents (all oils are balance-infused with no over-powering perfume fragrances).

Box Description: Exterior is a beautiful pearlescent white with a timeless brocade texture with a white velvet-like interior.

Please allow 3-4 days for carving before the soaps ship.

Customer Reviews

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Great product! Fast delivery!

Great product! Fast delivery!

Soaps looked as beautifully as

Soaps looked as beautifully as they smelled!

This is our second order

This is our second order from Premier Home and Gifts, and they continue to “wow” us. These gorgeous, fragrant soaps arrived early and are perfectly engraved with the name we requested. We love PH&G and will continue to order from them many times in the future. (BTW, if you’re a “Downton Abbey” fan, we’re attending a garden party at Highclere Castle late this summer and these soaps are a gift to the personal assistant who has been wonderful to us. Sorry to be a name-dropper, but we’re sooooo excited for this event, and sooooo excited to have the perfect present thanks to Premier Home and Gifts.)

Very pretty and smells wonderful!

Very pretty and smells wonderful!

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