Hibiscus Hand Painted Stained Glass Art Window Suncatcher

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Hibiscus Hand Painted Stained Glass Art

Hibiscus flowers are rendered in vibrant color and magnificent detail.  
These hand-painted art glass panels captures the exquisite beauty of a hummingbird hovering before a hibiscus flower.
This horizontal panel is zinc-framed and measures 20.5" wide x 14" high. It features two soldered metal rings along the top for hanging. 

                                                            These beautiful pieces of art are hand painted by artists in the USA.

                                            ORDERING:  Please specify your design choice:  Hibiscus, Welcome or Open-Come In

                       You will find each piece is painted with a blend of many different beautiful colors which are applied by very talented artisans. 

This results in a gorgeous painted glass panel for you to admire by hanging on your window or a wall.
*Please allow 2-3 days for production before item is shipped.



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